Unbreak my Heart

Have you ever seen a setting sun that spreads orangish hue?

Or the dewdrops that sparkle as the light passes through

There is a story deep down in every beauty that catches the eye

Be it nature or merely you and I

The story that conveys even fallen leaves

So dry and sunken, like the cheeks of an old lady at her seventies ,

But none put much thought into it

Even when they saw a boy hungry and cold

Sleeping on the sidewalk, crying out silently, unbreak my heart

For I’m too young to be slammed shut

Or nip in the bud

Published by paraphrasing4you

There always lies a world beyond the world, a sky beyond the sky… Some call it fantasy some surreal, but to me that is the world where I belongs. A perfect solace, a perfect refuge for a tormented soul Surrounded by ceaseless twilight

4 thoughts on “Unbreak my Heart

  1. I am quietly listening to jazz while reading poetry today. Two of my top three favorite things to do. This fell gently on the strains of the music I have lilting in my ears. Wonderful combined experience. Much heart in this poem to embrace — well written.


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