Mystifying shadow chasing since the time immemorial,

Lying in the frozen darkness, under the crescent moon

A strong instinct that occupies the mind

A sudden pinkish glow, yet blur…

Lavender smell in the air

Relentless melodies of fountain

Eyes as deep as fathomless sea; restless yet still

Dark as impregnated with rain that can make even a melancholy peacock to dance

Velvety smooth firmament that speaks to the droplets of rain

Nourish with great care and let it spread relentlessly…

Published by paraphrasing4you

There always lies a world beyond the world, a sky beyond the sky… Some call it fantasy some surreal, but to me that is the world where I belongs. A perfect solace, a perfect refuge for a tormented soul Surrounded by ceaseless twilight

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